A downloadable game for Windows

Legacy code is a fast-paced roguelite platformer with an emphasis on open ended combat.
Make your way through ruined buildings collecting data and dealing with dangerous fauna while being pursued by enforcement drones.
  • WASD - Move
  • J - Attack
  • K - Jump (Hold direction into wall and hold K to wallcling, release K to walljump. WASD + Shift determines angle of walljump)
  • Hold L - Aim (WASD to aim, J to shoot, Space to reload)
  • Shift - Sprint, Further walljump
  • R - Reset
  • Alt+Enter - Fullscreen
Looking for feedback and comments!
No sound in this version
Known bugs:
Blood will only draw on half of the screen when in fullscreen until you reset once
Doors are not fully implemented
Drone ai is not fully implemented


Legacy Code demo.exe (4 MB)

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