A downloadable game for Windows

Legacy code is a fast-paced roguelite platformer with an emphasis on open ended combat.

Make your way through ruined buildings collecting data and dealing with dangerous fauna while being pursued by enforcement drones.


  • WASD - Move
  • J - Attack
  • K - Jump (hold direction into wall and press k to wall jump)
  • Hold L - Aim (WASD to aim, J to shoot, Space to reload)
  • Shift - Sprint
  • R - Reset
  • Alt+Enter - Fullscreen
We've received some helpful feedback and simplified wall jumping and ledge jumping, and nerfed a few enemies

other changes:
  • added 2 new weapons which can be found in the blue lockers
  • you now need to collect 5 keys to exit the level. they can be found in the orange safes
  • green safes now drop health and ammo.
  • more changes coming soon

Feedback always welcome

No sound in this version

tutorial is a work in progress

menu is a placeholder for this demo day, and it has a few bugs

Drone ai is not fully implemented

switching from one level to another and then back again will cause player to fall through the floor


Legacy Code demo 2.exe (5 MB)

Development log


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